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Separation of ship and show

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Ah, New Year’s Eve

Tomorrow, I will start losing tons of weight!

Tonight? Excuse me while I hoover up pounds of triple crème, Stilton, crackers, shrimp, Spanish chorizo, smoked oysters in oil, oh and yeah sorry that entire bottle of Champagne is kinda all for me, sport. Get yer own.

Oh, and I am making a pretty amazing dinner:

Herbed Marcona almonds, fried manchego cheese, asparagus wrapped in Jamón Serrano, roasted cauliflower and fingerling potatoes with romesco, Spanish chorizo links braised in Gravenstein hard cider, gambas al ajillo, Mumm blanc de blanc.

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  1. askpapawinchester said: ((Care for a Canadian mooch? I’ve got a HUGE spread here at home, too, but nothing as glorious as yours.))
  2. imgonnashoottothrill said: That sounds divine.
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