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The Wincest Gospels

Separation of ship and show

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Barn Building part 2

"Jesus Christ, Sam. Do you WANT me dead?"

Sam found himself spun around and shoved up against the wall of the motel room. Dean had his hands on Sam’s belt before he had even kicked the door shut. Before Sam’s grin spread all the way to insufferable, Dean’s mouth was on his, licking the sass out of his mouth.

"Mmph," Sam said.

"All. Fucking. Afternoon." Dean yanked Sam’s t-shirt off. "Making me crazy. Knowing I can’t touch you." Dean fell on Sam, licking the salt from his skin, touching him everywhere like he couldn’t get enough.

Sam threw his head back, smacking it hard against the wall, as Dean lapped at his right nipple, and sucked the taste of his sweat off, then turned his attention to the other one.

Dean licked his way down Sam’s chest, sinking to his knees. “Gonna touch you now.”

Sam shuddered, a low moan in his throat.

Dean pulled Sam’s jeans down to his ankles. He left the underwear on. He looked up at Sam, reached one hand up and ran it down Sam’s taut stomach. “You like it when I call you that, don’t you.” He nuzzled his cheek against Sam’s cock, achingly hard beneath the boxer-briefs. 

Sam nodded. “Say it?”

Dean moved his mouth over the head of Sam’s cock, barely brushing the fabric with his lips, then pressed his lips against Sam and breathed out a long breath of warm air. When Sam stiffened, droplets of pre-cum soaking through the fabric, Dean chuckled, and lapped at the taste. “Say what, Sam?”

Sam ran his fingers over the words on his waistband. "C’mon. Love how you say it."

Dean kissed Sam’s cock through the material, mouthing down the shaft, exhaling warm breath through the fabric. Slowly, he pulled the underwear down, so the waistband lay flat just beneath the crown. Looking up at Sam, his green eyes gone the color of jade at the bottom of a stream, pressed his lips to the sensitive spot at the underside where the head meets the shaft and murmured, “Baby boy.”

A bead of pre-cum, clear as a raindrop, welled up, gleaming and perfect. Dean lapped at it like it was a drop of nectar, and sighed.

Sam moaned and pushed his hips forward.

"So needy." Dean licked his lower lip. "Hope you can hang on, sweetheart. ‘Cause I’m gonna be at this for a real long time." 

Sam’s eyes went wide as he realized that Dean really wasn’t kidding.

Dean pulled the waistband of the underwear down another inch, tracing his tongue along the letters one by one. By the time he got to the second Y, Sam was trembling. Dean smiled, full of wicked promise, and lapped slowly at the exposed portion of Sam’s cock. "Told you you were in trouble."


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